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      Fiberglass & plastic units

  Publi-Air supplies all kinds of inflatables, but also hard-body polyester and plastic units. These products are characterized by tremendous durability and the ability to show small details. They are as appealing as they sleek and distinctive. This, combined with their durability makes them a very attractive advertising medium for both indoors and outdoors. The products are often replicas of 2 to 3 meters high. They are widely used for long term advertising campaigns, promotions or events. They are available individually or in quantities.


  • polyester-kunstof-alegria-koffiemachine-nestle-vergroting
  • polyester-kunstof-cotedor-olifant-vergroting
  • polyester-kunstof-gripopmijnknip-vergroting-1
  • polyester-kunstof-gripopmijnknip-vergroting
  • polyester-kunstof-menthos-vergroting
  • polyester-kunstof-smiths-pepsico-vergroting
  • polyester-kunstof-snackajacks-pepsico-vergroting-1
  • polyester-kunstof-snackajacks-pepsico-vergroting
  • polyester-kunstof-sunfields-smiths-vergroting
  • solid-3d-swatch-replica

Mini PVC

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