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  These very visible inflatables are particularly suited to communicate a clear message. The ad surface is directly related to the size of the rooftop. These inflatables are very easy to install on roofs and are a safe and easy way to bring attention to your product, business or event.

Their standard shape make these inflatables very cost effective and fast to produce. Each of these inflatables come with a blower, repair kit and a transport bag.


  • opblaasbare-rooftop-bigmac-mcdonalds-inflatable-1
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-bolletje-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-burgerking-inflatable-1
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-harveys-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-iphone-trendsict-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-jiba-koffer-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-light-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-lukoil-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-quiznos-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-rabobank-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-remax-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-rizlaracingday-imperialtobacco-inflatable-1
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-vanwijnen-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-x-allsafe-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rooftop-x-deraadvastgoed-inflatable

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