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      Concert and dances

  Inflatables are the ideal way to dress up and decorate a concert or dance quickly, easily and with relatively little cost. They are small to transport and have minimal storage volume. The material is durable, your inflatable will last for years. And not least, an inflatable is always original and eye-catching. Giants can be from 2 to 20 meters high! Ideal as an eye catcher at parties and concerts. In some inflatables internal lighting can be installed for added effect, which gives a very nice effect in a dim environment. Call Publi-Air to discuss the possibilities.

Some examples of inflatable products made by Publi-Air perfect for parties and concerts are tents, arches, spheres, crowd balls, giant animals and characters, objects and publistix. Publi-Air can also offer set-up, maintenance and storage care of your units.


  • opblaasbare-appel-appelpop-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-b-sensationwhite-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-blotekont-mooiwark-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-boog-xfactor-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-crowdballs-mariabingo-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-cube-tent-15m-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-geit-mooiwark-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-hond-neophyte-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-jezus-innercity-idt-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-kat-soenda-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-katuitemmer-mooiwark-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-kinderenvoorkinderen-vara-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-logo-qdance-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-lycamobile-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-njoy-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-projecthardcore-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-reuzeballon-innercity-idt-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-sensationwhite-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-spfinx-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-sphere-dance-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-tent-trident-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-tent-turtle-live-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-theteacher-pinkprojects-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-blackhole-inflatable

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