Guerilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is often a focused effort in a very short time, utilizing a lot of media attention or to gain public attention, often playful actions or a particular stunt. The costs are a fraction of the cost of conventional expensive campaigns. More and more companies are realizing this. That's why you see more and more guerrilla marketing, often in places where the audience is unsuspecting. Inflatables are therefore an eminently suitable medium. Publi-Air makes your message huge in size, from 2 to 20 meters high! Your audience can't help but to see your advertising message. It inflatables are very quick to install, within minutes standing, and are also quick to remove. Blogs, radio and television are often inclined to report their campaign as a news story or curiosity. It costs you little but lets you be able to reach a large audience.

Some examples of inflatable products Publi-Air makes perfect for guerrilla marketing are crowd balls, giant animals and characters, helium objects, and hard-body plastic product replicas.

  • opblaasbare-afas-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-bex-oneindignoordholland-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-campina-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-dagravit-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-globelife-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-gripopmijnknip-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-hero-fruit2day-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-hooghoudt-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-ikleefverstandig-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-jim-vlaamsemediamaatschappij-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-looppakken-borisrosy-samsung-inflatable-1
  • opblaasbare-maltesers-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-mariabingo-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-menthos-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-nescafe-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-radio-orn-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-radioveronica-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-rivella-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-staatsloterij-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-stekker-belkin-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-vananaarbeter-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-varken-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-x-emmer-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zonnebrandfles-kruidvat-inflatable