Drop stitch

The official Publi-Air drop stitch material is applicable in many industrial products. This durable material is made up of thousands of wires attached to coated nylon, joining 2 sides together, creating a strong and hard surface when pressurized. It can be produced in various thicknesses and shapes, and also has an insulating effect. It can be used for example, in gymnastics and ballet and floor mats, separation and presentation dividers, in water, or any other application for your own industry. Ask about the options or request a quote.

  • oblaasbaar-dropstitch-inflatable-01
  • oblaasbaar-dropstitch-inflatable-02
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  • oblaasbaar-dropstitch-inflatable-05
  • oblaasbaar-dropstitch-inflatable-06
  • oblaasbaar-dropstitch-inflatable-07
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