Instore advertising does increase sales, especially with the striking of Publi-Air inflatables to draw attention to your product or promotion. Publi-Air specializes in inflatable POS material; we can enlarge the size your product or message as big as you need it to be. Small PVC inflatable products are ideal in larger quantities.

Some examples of inflatable products Publi-Air makes that are perfect for instore advertising are balloons, helium objects, mini pvc products, polyester and hard-body plastic product replicas.


  • opblaasbare-bijenkorf-tas
  • opblaasbare-dome-tenten-20m-inflatable-1
  • opblaasbare-folieballon-staatsloterij-inflatable-3
  • opblaasbare-glaxosmithkline-sensodyne
  • opblaasbare-hak-fusion
  • opblaasbare-inflate-custom-led-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-inflate-stand-luna-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-koe-milka-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-lays-pepsico
  • opblaasbare-sphere-holidayinn-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-sphere-skoi-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-varken-inflatable-2
  • opblaasbare-x-folieballon-staatsloterij-inflatable-4
  • opblaasbare-x-melkpak-campina-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zakbugles-pepsico
  • opblaasbare-zuil-pepsico
  • polyester-kunstof-smiths-pepsico-vergroting
  • polyester-kunstof-snackajacks-pepsico-vergroting-1