You’ll find inflatable advertising pillars at many events. They are available in many sizes and can be illuminated from the inside. They are simple to install and are great as temporary advertising mediums or even décor pieces. The heights can vary from 8 to 20 feet, and can be used both indoors and out. All pillars can be manufactured with a solid or a rotating base.


  • opblaasbare-x-zuil-cone-inflatable-2
  • opblaasbare-zuil-ab-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-blackhole-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-cone-inflatable-1
  • opblaasbare-zuil-maltesers-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-nokia-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-nokia-ngage-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-oneil2-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-rizla-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-samsung-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-skyradio-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-telfort-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-x-oneil-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuil-yorin-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuilen-hooghoudt-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuilen-rudolph-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuilen-timex2-inflatable
  • opblaasbare-zuilen-x-timex-inflatable