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Blog: Inflatable Arches

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Types of branches

As you probably know by now, Publi air is specialised in custom-made inflatable items. We divide our business in 3 main branches. The event branch, the retail branch and the premium market.

Inflatable arches are used in 2 of these branches. The event branch and the retail branch. Let us give a short explanation for both of them.
Inflatable arches are also called inflatable start/finish line arches. This is because they are mostly used as an advertising arch during sports events. We've all seen them at a running or cycling event.
Our inflatable arches can be made in any shape and size. And now I can hear you thinking: how to decide what the right size would be for your inflatable arch. Let’s talk about that later on.

Retail branch

In retail, the advertising arches are ideal for the opening of a new shop. Especially as an alternative for the balloon arches that are often used. The main advantage of the inflatable arch, compared to the balloon arch, is: a balloon arch can only be used once, while the inflatable arches will last for years, meaning you will earn back your investment very quickly. And what's more, an inflatable arch is much more impressive and it gives you the opportunity to print the arch in full colour. This is your chance to communicate a special campaign or your new house style loud and clear to your customer! The inflatable arches are not just used for shop openings, but also to generate traffic to the shops during sales periods across the year.

Events branch

Inflatable arches are also often used in the event branch. Arches are used as an entrance, location indicator or as decoration on stages at public events. The inflatable arches can be printed in full colour, with the coolest designs and prints you can imagine, making them perfect for creating the right ambiance at your event. It is, of course, also possible to add the names of your event sponsors in large print on the arch.


The inflatable arches can be made in any size you want. Our arches are custom-made, so we can apply any size. This is very convenient when you want your arch to be placed exactly over or in between something else. The most common sizes for the arches are 6x4 metres / 9x6 metres / 12x6 metres, as external measurements. At sports events, the arch must sometimes be placed across a public road. The inflatable arch must then comply with specific requirements, so the emergency services can always pass underneath the arch. The minimal clearance width is 3.5 metres and the minimal clearance height is 4.2 metres.

Finally, we’ll tell you more about the various different shapes of the arches. Inflatable arches come in three different standard shapes; the classic inflatable arch with cut-off corners, the round arch and the rectangular arch. But of course, we can also make custom-made arches that differ from the standard shape. This can be a tunnel arch, which is much deeper than the normal arch, or an arch with a 3D item that pops out of it to give it an extra dimension. Take a look at the photos on this page for some great references, and to get inspiration for your own unique, custom-made inflatable arch made by Publi air.

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