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New Taksi campaign starring a

Taksi is launching a new campaign this summer. Starring a blue snake. Why a blue snake? Because this blue slither stands for adventure. Not only does the new blue snake figure stars prominently on the Taksi packaging, it also appears in all communications. Have you seen the commercial yet?


Comeback of the Taksi Gift Campaign

After 20 years, the extremely popular Taksi gift campaign is back. We have fond memories then. As little kids, we drank liters of Taksi just to score that awesome Taksi gadget as quickly as possible. How nice that this is now returning to the stores and supermarkets!

Especially for Riedel BV, the parent company of Taksi, we made 25,000 inflatable blue snakes in the shape of a swimming ring.

This blue snake with striking colors fits perfectly with the new Taksi campaign. 

We chose to make the swimming ring as big as possible, so that young and old will soon be able to take it into the sea or swimming pool. And ... a little extra impact due to the size is not a bad thing.


Save up!

Do you want a blue Taksi snake? Then do just like us! Buy Taksi and use the promotion code on the packaging. You can save up for the one and only Taksi inflatable snake! You can read more about this campaing on www.taksi.nl/spaaraksi.


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