Low costs and a high attention value: skytubes and skydancers are very affordable inflatables that quickly draw people's attention. A shop that welcomes you with skytubes is always drawing people in. There are various options for our skytubes. You can take any standard colour to which a print is added, but we also have custom-made options: skyguys, flyguys, or something with a very specific character. Skytubes can be ordered from a height of 2 metres, but we can also make them up to a height of 15 metres, and all the sizes in between. If you want to stand out in the dark as well, we can even add internal lighting.

It was during the 1980s that we first introduced the skytubes in the Netherlands. And now, 30 years later, we still produce skytubes and skydancers at the most competitive price. And with the fastest delivery time, as we make all these products in the Netherlands. All our skytubes are delivered with the accompanying blower and a protective bag.