31 May 2018


Our inflatable pillars can often be seen at events, exhibitions or in shops. They are lightweight and therefore easy to use. The premium print quality, internal LED lighting and high-quality finish make these inflatable pillars real eye-catchers.

Inflatable pillars can be made in all shapes and sizes, for both in-store and outdoor use. It is even possible to order exchangeable covers. This way, you can use one basic pillar for more than one brand or promotional campaign. They are also the perfect way to create eye-catching outdoor advertising with a sophisticated look, perfect for brand activations and live communication.
Be inspired by the photos above or contact us for even more options. We like to surprise you with a free visual example of a pillar for your brand.

31 May 2018

Inflatable arch

An inflatable arch is ideal as a start/finish line at a sports event, such as cycling or running contests. We deliver our classic start/finish line arches very quickly against competitive prices. This is why we are the number one supplier of inflatable arches in Europe. But we also deliver custom-made arches, which you can design exactly as you want. Think about a custom-made arch with your enlarged logo on top of it.

We can even make an enlargement of your product as part of the arch. This way, you create tailored advertising that will get you noticed during a race. Whoever comes first, having your arch across the road always makes you a winner.

29 May 2018

Inflatable advertising

For almost 50 years, we have been specialised in the designing and production of inflatable premiums. Inflatable advertising is ideal when you want to stand out quickly and easily. A great way to make an impression at an event or just in-store. Everything we make is custom-made: from inflatable logos to inflatable brand images, and from inflatable packaging to an enlarged version of your product.

It's not difficult to get noticed. We take care of the entire process, from start to finish, so you can focus on your work. A minimal investment in time, but with a maximum effect.

29 May 2018


Inflatable bouncy castles and play areas equal lots of fun. Add your brand to it and you have a recipe for success. We make bouncers, bouncy castles and play areas in all shapes and sizes. In one of our standard designs, or custom-made in any shape you had in mind. And of course, with full colour prints, such as your logo. 

We have been making bouncers and bouncy castles for almost 50 years. Combine this experience and expertise with the best materials, and you are guaranteed ultimate safety and a great look.


29 May 2018

Spheres en balloons

A sphere is a giant, inflatable ball, filled with air or helium. Let it fly, and everyone will see it from a great distance. Simple design? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely! You can use inflatable spheres for anything. For promotional campaigns, for instance, but also for the opening of your shop, and even at an exhibition it is a beautiful eye-catcher. The application you choose determines the filling of the sphere: helium or air.

The inflatable balloons can be produced in any colour. We can have the balloon printed  with your logo or text. And, of course, they are made with the best materials. By adding internal lighting inside the sphere, it can be seen from afar in the dark as well. The diameter of our inflatable spheres begins at 2.5 metres, and can range to up to 6 metres. Assistance and storage are also possible. Ask our advisers for more information.

30 May 2018

Mascots and walk around suits

We have no trouble turning your brand image or character into a giant mascot that is impossible to miss. You decide how big you want it to be: we make mascots from 2 to 20 metres in height. When you provide us with a sketch, we first make a digital impression. And when you give this design the thumbs-up, we'll start the production. Our production process has been fine-tuned over the years of experience, making it possible for us to enlarge and blow-up each character perfectly. And thanks to a detailed airbrush finish, the mascot truly comes to life. 

Inflatable mascots are a lot cheaper than the same figures in solid materials such as wood. Not just with respect to the purchase price, but also in their use, as they take up a lot less space in storage. The same applies to transport. An inflatable mascot is easy and quick to set up. We only use the best materials, and design the mascots in such a way that they can be used again and again. This means that they are a very sustainable option. Of course you will get a 2-year full warranty on manufacturing defects on mascots and walk-around suits as well.

9 April 2018

Self Inflatable Balloons

A balloon that is self-inflating? Absolutely! Give the balloon a good whack, and it will inflate itself automatically with air. We can make these so-called 'auto-balloons' custom-made to your requirements.

With the small and flat size of these balloons, you can easily send them by post. Ideal for direct mailings. You can have them printed with your logo, brand name, or with a personal message. Small, simple and playful: with these self-inflating balloons you will surprise anyone.

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