We have no trouble turning your brand image or character into a giant mascot that is impossible to miss. You decide how big you want it to be: we make mascots from 2 to 20 metres in height. When you provide us with a sketch, we first make a digital impression. And when you give this design the thumbs-up, we'll start the production. Our production process has been fine-tuned over the years of experience, making it possible for us to enlarge and blow-up each character perfectly. And thanks to a detailed airbrush finish, the mascot truly comes to life. 

Inflatable mascots are a lot cheaper than the same figures in solid materials such as wood. Not just with respect to the purchase price, but also in their use, as they take up a lot less space in storage. The same applies to transport. An inflatable mascot is easy and quick to set up. We only use the best materials, and design the mascots in such a way that they can be used again and again. This means that they are a very sustainable option. Of course you will get a 2-year full warranty on manufacturing defects on mascots and walk-around suits as well.