A sphere is a giant, inflatable ball, filled with air or helium. Let it fly, and everyone will see it from a great distance. Simple design? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely! You can use inflatable spheres for anything. For promotional campaigns, for instance, but also for the opening of your shop, and even at an exhibition it is a beautiful eye-catcher. The application you choose determines the filling of the sphere: helium or air.

The inflatable balloons can be produced in any colour. We can have the balloon printed  with your logo or text. And, of course, they are made with the best materials. By adding internal lighting inside the sphere, it can be seen from afar in the dark as well. The diameter of our inflatable spheres begins at 2.5 metres, and can range to up to 6 metres. Assistance and storage are also possible. Ask our advisers for more information.