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Bijenkorf Clouds

Up in the clouds at De Bijenkorf


With your head in the clouds...

De Bijenkorf is the place to enjoy life and the most beautiful products. Especially for the atrium in the Amsterdam, Utrecht and Amstelveen stores, we designed a spherical structure that, put together form a mega cloud in the sky.

 The idea was to create an experience in the atrium that would attract the attention of visitors. In addition, the object should become instagramable, so that visitors are confronted with the clouds both online and offline. With the clouds, together with De Bijenkorf, we created an experience that leaves a lasting memory that makes you want to physically come to the store.



The clouds are part of the "Leef Lustig" campaign, which focuses on coming together by sharing beautiful experiences. In the coming period, the cloud will take center stage in De Bijenkorf's campaigns and adventure, wandering past special places, smells and colors will dominate the stores and campaigns.


The design

The challenge with this design was to translate the 3D design into an inflatable structure. The cloud structure had to be placed in such a way that it fitted into the atrium, taking into account the historical state of the building (Amsterdam) itself. The only way to mount the installation was through the roof and the ridge. A challenge Publi Air loves!

 To coordinate the most optimal position of this cloud inflatable, a total 3D design was made by the architectural firm VIRTUAL ARCHITECTURE BV, which mapped the entire atrium (Amsterdam). Together with our client and the architectural firm, we determined the final position of the clouds. A size of 8 and 10 meters in length was chosen for the clouds.



The clouds can be admired (Aug 2022) in De Bijenkorf stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Amstelveen. In Amsterdam no less than 5 clouds fill the atrium. In Utrecht and Amstelveen there was eventually room for 1 mega cloud.


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