Admire and marvel at mushrooms

Opening festive season De Bijenkorf with Publi Air inflatables


A wondrous idea

Mushrooms? You've come to the right place for that too. De Bijenkorf, for example, found us to bring their holiday season campaign 'Admire and Wonder' to life, with a special role for, yes, mushrooms. De Bijenkorf wanted to use them as inflatables. Our inflatables with internal lighting were on display in all stores of De Bijenkorf in the Netherlands during the last months of 2021. They were used as shop window and store decoration.



Opening festive season 2021

Through its 'Admire and Wonder' campaign, the department store tells the story of a bee that wakes up from hibernation and curiously leaves the hive. And thus heralds a symbolic start to the 2021 festive season. Inspiring & fabulous.



With beautiful reference material provided by De Bijenkorf, we started determining the right format of these eye-catchers. Thus, using our expertise, we suggested various models and sizes that were made to fit to the millimeter, thus perfectly matching the store floors and store windows.

A number of different print designs were then worked out. Bijenkorf was able to select their favorite print during this step. The choice fell on 2 different variants of mushrooms, a curved version and a straight version both with their own print design.

 After we finished the confection, we extensively tested and prepared all materials in our Publi air warehouse. We also prepared and took care of the distribution to all Bijenkorf branches.


Installation Bijenkorf

The custom-made mushrooms are made of durable polyester fabric (free of PVC). The versions intended for in store windows, are equipped with internal LED lighting.



Plug and Play

User-friendliness is an important part of inflatables. The mushrooms are therefore equipped with an easy 'Plug and Play' system. This allowed De Bijenkorf to perform the installation itself.

In the final design, the ease of use of an inflatable is always an important component. Therefore, the unique visual merchandise objects were produced in such a way that De Bijenkorf could perform the installation itself (plug and play system).

Want to know more about this campaign? Visit this page. 


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