The Butcher

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The artisan butcher


Amsterdam's most upscale fast-food restaurant, The Butcher, approached us to produce their logo in 3D for outdoor advertising. These artisanal butchers must then be delivered and placed at all restaurants, in the Netherlands and abroad. The 3D advertising images must be able to stand both indoors and outdoors, thus weatherproof and durable to be delivered.

 The Butcher is part of The Entourage Group. Other well-known restaurants that fall under The Entourage Group are Momo, Izakaya, The Duchess, MR PORTER, Mad Fox, Shirkan, Bepita and Toni Loco PIZZA. The Entourage Group was looking for 3D advertising objects for its first 5 restaurants. 2 in Amsterdam, the other 3 for the restaurants in Berlin, Ibiza and Dubai.

Solid 3D Statue

The solid statues look like real artisan butchers. A requirement of the customer is that they have a chic, hip and modern look. And the burger should make passers-by and customers salivate! The end result suits The Butcher perfectly! Given the client's requirements, we quickly opted for a solid solution made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester. 3D advertising objects made of fiberglass reinforced polyester can be finished in great detail and are very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Fiberglass reinforced polyester is a very high-quality material which makes our products last very long. In addition, it is a mobile and permanent advertising solution.


The prototype is developed entirely by hand. Here we use milling and modeling techniques. Once this prototype is approved, we use the first model to manufacture the mold. We work with a mold so that we can achieve equivalent and high quality. Each model is exactly the same because it comes from the same mold.

In collaboration with the customer, the 3D file of the butcher and of the burger is created and optimized. After the design, we set to work making a prototype and the mold. Finally, we produced the 5 solid items from the personalized mold. The solid butcher statues feature detailed artwork applied by hand. The statues are mounted on a metal base with wheels so that it always remains stable and easy to move. Of course, the burger was also given a very tasty design. The result is quite something!

With these solid blowups, The Entourage Group will make a lot of impact and attract even more visitors inside. The solid 3D Butcher will become a real feature of The Butcher. Because of the successful end result, the 3D Butcher has officially become part of all Butcher establishments. This means that every restaurant, and future restaurants to be opened, will have a life-size butcher chef in front of the door.

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