29 May 2018

Beach balls and pool floats

We make our inflatable beach balls and pool floats exactly to your requirements. They are custom-made, in all colours, shapes and sizes. These inflatables will of course be a big hit at the beach and in the swimming pool, but with, for example, inflatable swans and flamingos,  you will make lots of new friends at a music festival. Add your logo and they are ideal as a promotional item for, for instance, retail competitions. 

Inflatables are lightweight and therefore easy to transport. The number of items you order can be as large or small as you need. Our beach balls and pool floats are made of the highest quality PVC and TPU. They are so durable, that we have no problem giving a airtightness guarantee.


30 May 2018


Crowdballs, or audience balls as they are sometimes called in the Netherlands, will make every festival even more festive. The audience loves them, and you draw the attention to your brand literally in a playful manner. A win-win situation.

We can print the crowdballs in full colour. For example with your logo, to make the connection with your brand even more complete. Crowdballs have a diameter that can vary between 1 and 2 metres. So they are small, compact and easy to transport. In addition, it takes no time at all to inflate them with a small hand blower. We can supply these as well at your request.

30 May 2018

Inflatable premiums

Whether you are looking for custom-made gadgets, on-pack promotion, or inflatable give-aways, we have it all. Even more: we can make it all. Because we deliver custom-made products. Together with you, we design inflatable premiums that match perfectly with your brand image.

When thinking of inflatables, people often think of summer, sea and pool items. We can understand this, and if this is what you are looking for, you have come to the right address. But we do so much more. No matter how extraordinary your idea is, we can make it. For this, we always start with a free 3D design. If this design has the right 'this is it' effect on you, we'll start the production. And as the name already suggests, our premiums are all made of premium PVC or TPU.

29 May 2018

Inflatable tents

Are you participating at a festival, shop opening or other event where you want people to notice you? With our inflatable tents you will get noticed, and you get the space you need. Our inflatable tents are custom-made inflatables that can be made in any size and shape. The full-colour print will give the final touch. 

Inflatable tents are mobile, easy to use and sustainable. You will have it up before you can say 'brand activation', and store it away just as fast. We can take care of all the supporting services, such as assistance, support, storage, cleaning, and repairs. Feel free to ask about the options: we make a free 3D design for every request.

29 May 2018

Signus ONE pavilion

Signus ONE combines luxury with a sporty look. With its eye-catching design, this inflatable pavilion is a striking feature wherever you place it. You are in control of the finishing of this inflatable. You can add your logo and have the perfect tent for a sales or information point at any event.

The Signus ONE tarpaulins are exchangeable, so you can use this pavilion many times with a different design for different events. This will give you a unique tent at every event. The Signus ONE is especially ideal for guerrilla marketing, sampling and pop-up marketing.

11 April 2018


Do you want to boost your sales numbers? Custom-made POS material is an excellent way to put a product in the picture. In retail, displays are often used for advertising or other promotional campaigns.

Our custom-made designs are usually inflatable, but if you are looking for a more permanent solution, we also make POS material in a solid form. The choice is yours. Of course, we love to help you make your choice. As we have almost 50 years of experience we know exactly how to make the biggest impact.

29 May 2018

POS material

With our point-of-sale material you will get the attention in every shop. But also outside the shop or at fairs and events, you will stand out with POS material. All our products are custom-made. Vacuum forming, milling, injection moulding, we pull out all the stops to make the advertising mediums exactly as you envisaged them. 

With our inflatables, 3D items and concepts, we offer a wide range of products for brands and retailers wanting to stand out. In addition to inflatable items and 3D product enlargements, we also design and produce custom-made displays on which your products will get maximum attention.

29 May 2018

Inflatable stands

You want to stand out at an exhibition or fair, shop opening, or other event? With an inflatable stand this is no problem at all. Our stand are custom-made, so you decide on the shape, the size and the prints. In full colour, of course. Inflatable stands are mobile and easy to use. They are also made of high-quality material, making them sustainable as well. It takes no time at all to put them up, and you dissemble them just as fast. And the most important thing: they 'stand out'. We offer all the necessary supporting services for the inflatable products. These can include assistance, support, storage, cleaning and repairs. Our advisers are ready to make a free 3D design, so feel free to contact them.

31 May 2018

Blow-ups and product enlargements

Want to get noticed? We make inflatable products enlargements and plastic blow-ups to up to 20 metres in height. You simply cannot miss them. Our inflatables are all custom-made. With a full colour print or an airbrush design that we apply by hand, these premiums will get the quality appearance or image that you want for your brand.

We also design and produce product enlargements in large numbers. Made of polyester and guaranteed airtight: each inflatable is tested on this in our factories for 48 hours. Also for solid 3D blow-ups you have come to the right address at Publi air. Usually made of plastic, but other materials are also possible. These blow-ups are even more detailed than inflatables. And besides that, they are also more sustainable.

29 May 2018

Inflatable furniture

With our inflatable furniture you offer people the opportunity to relax at a festival, exhibition or other event. Grab a moment of relaxation on a sofa with your brand name on it. And it will also give them a long-lasting reminder. This can be an inflatable chair, but also a sofa or a bed. Of course, we always make them to your specifications. Inflatable furniture is the perfect item for give-aways and retail competitions.

Have the items printed with your brand or logo, and long after your campaign has finished, your brand is still being promoted. The award-winning inflatable furniture of UNC Paris is so trendy and stylish, that you could actually use it to furnish your living room. In addition, the furniture is more environmentally friendly that PVC, as it is made with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Thanks to the combination with the patented fabric, the furniture has a luxury look and the items are extremely durable. This makes them perfect for events such as exhibitions and fairs, festivals or even in the snow at winter sports events.

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