Amsterdam Light Festival 2022



11th edition Amsterdam light Festival

During the eleventh edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival you will be taken into the world of imagination.

 That the world around us is temporary and can suddenly be completely different is something we have all experienced in recent years. But precisely then, when everything around us is moving and nothing seems self-evident anymore, we need the power of our imagination. With various festival experiences, this is when you get a chance to escape everyday reality for a while. The Amsterdam Light Festival is a journey you really have to experience for yourself. Of course, we heartily recommend a visit!

Credits for the beautiful picture goes to @janusvdeijnden



"For our project, we were looking for something that you can't see, but has a lot of impact on our environment. We ended up with the American crayfish, a remarkable creature that lives in the canals of Amsterdam."

Breitner Academy: Amsterdam School of the Arts

For edition #11, Breitner students Priya Saktoe, Sorella Loman and Yoeki de Ruyter created a light artwork about the influence of crayfish in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Did you know that the crayfish was imported and released by professional fishermen and can now call itself a regular inhabitant of Amsterdam? Yes, that American red crayfish is a keeper.

 To Merge

The biotope in which the crayfish now finds itself appears to be a utopia. Think of it as a process of (cultural) assimilation, cultures will continue to merge and a new society will emerge both above and below the water. Hence the students' To Merge theme.

 As in previous years, the Breitner Academy's artwork can be seen on the Schippersgracht across from Central Station. Be sure to take your time ... because the lobsters are very popular!



Production process

With the initial sketches from Youki, Sorella and Priya, we set to work. We created a 3D model and together with the ladies we fine-tuned it step by step in close consultation. The scissor-hull relationship of the model is based on something the crayfish does to protect itself. It stands on its hind legs and extends its arms. By the way, did you know that the entire development of the artwork could be followed on Instagram.

 Eventually, we put the lobsters into production. The lights used in the artwork came from the Amsterdam Light Festival itself.


Led lights

When designing the lobsters, internal loops and zippers were taken into account to apply the LED lights neatly. Publi Air mounted all lighting and delivered the lobsters ready to use. Through DMX technology, the LED lighting is controllable by the Light Technician of the festival itself. He has written special sequences that make the lobsters shine continuously.


For the installation at the location opposite Amsterdam CS, Publi Air advised which materials were needed to set it all up properly. With the on-demand help of Publi air, the students were able to execute the installation by themselves.



From December 1 to January 22, 2023, every evening at 5 p.m. the lights of all installations will be turned on. Until 23.00 you can enjoy the special one on foot and from the water. The 20 artworks will be placed in and around the canals of Amsterdam Center-East. Wondering how best to get there? Click on this link for more information.


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