Inflatable candy for Haribo

Surprisingly tasty with fun summer items.

2015 - 2017

The challenge

During the summer, Haribo wanted to increase its sales. So the candy giant wanted to stand out with physical advertising items. Summer products that would make people happy. They asked us to make these inflatable promotion items.

Our solutions and its execution

To bring this promotional activity to the attention of the public, Haribo came up with a new campaign: an on-pack promotional game of chance with promotion stickers on the candy packaging. These promotion stickers gave the participants the chance to win one of the 5000 prices.

These prices were designed and produced by us: inflatable summer items in the shape of the iconic Haribo candies. Winners could float around in a cherry-pool or on an air mattress in the shape of the famous coke-bottle. Who doesn't want that on a hot summer's day?

And the inflatable cherry on the cake: you will see these inflatables on the beaches and around the swimming pools for many years to come. Even long after the campaign has finished.

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