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Inflatable car tyres for Apollo Vredestein

En route to impact with giant car tyres..


The challenge

For the promotion of a new series of inflatable car tyres, Apollo Vredestein quickly found its way to Publi air. Not a big surprise, as 'inflatable' is in our DNA. Apollo Vredestein wanted to use the inflatables to bring three types of tyres to the attention of new and existing dealers. The request we received was: can you make a unique design for each type of tyre. And of course, they all had to be grand and eye-catching.

Our solution and its execution

Together with Apollo Vredestein we chose to make giant car tyres. This was done with great precision. And with 'precision', we truly mean following every detail. The Apollo Vredestein car tyres are extremely well-defined, and this same attention to detail had to be visible in our inflatables. A time-consuming task, but necessary to get the 'wow effect' we always aim for.

An important request from Apollo Vredestein was to give each type of tyre its own distinctive rim. We used a 3D design to determine the shape of each type of rim. These 3D designs were fine-tuned until they matched the requirements of Apollo Vredestein. Then we started on the artwork. In a so-called artwork file we divided the print in different panels. And in the final stage, these panels were stitched into a tyre. The result was three different inflatable giant car tyres which would not look out of place in an episode of Pimp My Ride.

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