Inflatable coffee cup for AH To Go

This is how customers could design their own coffee cup


The challenge

If you travel by train, you're surely familiar with the AH To Go coffee cups. You may even know the themed activation campaigns for which they used these kind of cups. For example, the Valentine's cup, the Christmas cup and the AH-to-Gay cup.

AH To Go wanted to do another activation campaign, but then just a bit different. The idea was: wouldn't it be nice if the customer could make its own design? This is how the "Design your own cup" campaign was born.

AH To Go came to us with the request to make life-sized inflatables of their coffee cups. Cups on which people could make their own drawings.

Our solution and its execution

Before we started the production of the inflatables, we made a 3D-model. This digital file contained both the technical and artwork details. This allowed AH To Go to adjust the model as they wanted to have it, and we, in turn, could quickly start the production.

The inflatable cups that we made had an internal blower, fastened to a solid base. This made it possible for the cups to stand alone, without any guy-lines or ballast weight.

After this, we searched for the best colouring material for the empty cups. We found a specific type of crayons and paintbrushes the customers could use to colour the cups to their hearts' content.

The large, inflatable cups really stood out, which is good for PR, and maybe most importantly: they invited people to join in. People not only enjoyed drawing on the giant cups, they also started to colour their 'normal' carton coffee cups. You can see their creations on social media under the hashtag #mycuptogo.

Even more inspiration.

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