Inflatable planet for IFFR

The pull of a giant planet


The challenge

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is the biggest film festival in the Netherlands. The festival has been attracting fans of independent and artistic film to the cinemas for decades. The theme for the 46st edition, in 2017, was 'Planet IFFR'. IFFR wanted to capture the attention of the visitors by making the theme visible throughout the festival on an enlarged scale. Over the years, we have enlarged all kinds of things, so the festival asked us if we wanted to come up with something really special.

Our solution and its execution

During a few fruitful brainstorm sessions with IFFR we got some wonderful ideas. From these ideas, IFFR chose the inflatable planets. They were made in striking colours and various sizes, with the distinctive IFFR tiger logo proudly printed on them as well. The goal was to draw the attention, while the inflatables served as a decoration at the same time. With these 'life-size' planets, we were definitely able to do just that.

We produced all these inflatable celestial bodies. Especially the giant planet at the Stationsplein, with its diameter of no less than 5 metres, could not be missed. Not just the festival visitors, but also random pedestrians loved to take photos of the planets and share them on social media. And as we had built in internal lighting inside the planets, they were the brightly shining focal points at night as well.

For the indoor decorations we made smaller planets. 'Small' being a relative word; with diameters between 1 and 2 metres, they were still very much visible at all locations. These planets were also shared massively on social media. After the IFFR had finished, the planets continued to play their part: they were such a big hit, that they were taken to the film festival in Cannes.

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