Sol & Matheson roadshow Yamaha MT

Going all the way at a motor show


The challenge

Yamaha presented a new range of motorcycles during the 'Dark Side of Japan MT Tour'. This means that you have to come up with something really special, when you want to stand out between all those roaring machines. The international communications agency So & Matheson asked us to make a giant inflatable logo for this road show. A real challenge, as the logo had to be big, but also easy to transfer and to set up, as the event takes place in no less than 18 countries…

Our solution and its execution

To give the road show the extra touch, we made an inflatable pillar. Custom-made, in the shape of the logo. To enable the pillar to stand alone and stable, we added a sturdy base. This makes it possible to place the blower at the bottom of the inflatable, so have additional weight to keep the pillar stable and in one place.

'The Dark Side of Japan' had been printed on the pillar in big letters. A wonderful eye-catcher, which can't be ignored, even if you want to. And that's exactly what you need when you want to attract as many people as possible for a test ride. In the Netherlands, the event took place on 6 and 7 May, in the Amsterdam Kromhouthal. A huge success, where countless of interested visitors were able to see the new generation Yamaha MT motorcycles for the first time.

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